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PhotoPad Photo Editing Software 4.16

Retouch and add effects to photos
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Edit photos by adding effects like sepia or greyscale, stitching pictures together, inserting cliparts and captions, adjusting the color balance, hue or saturation, changing the aspect ratio without distorting key objects and more.

PhotoPad Image Editor, just as its name suggests, can be used to modify pictures. Luckily, it supports multiple file formats, even some rare ones. Besides, you can also import images from a scanner or a webcam. Likewise, it lets you take shots of the whole screen or only a section of it. It is a good thing that you can edit various pictures at the same time. Its interface makes the tool quite easy to use. You can start using it without even reading the accompanying help documents. For a good starting experience, try opening a photograph and applying different effects to explore what you can do.

The application has features that go beyond those that are standard to this type of programs. Thus, besides rotating, cropping and resizing, it also allows fixing photographs automatically by reducing noise, adjusting focus, removing red-eye effect, and more. Also, it can correct and adjust lens distortion as well as create high-dynamic-range images out of three photographs taken at different exposures. The above mentioned are complemented with some re-touch features, such as cloning and colorizing. I particularly enjoyed using the creative tools. Most of them, like Collage, Clipart, Cartoon, Oil Paint and Brick can help you achieve pleasant effects very easily. Creating a panorama out of a sequence of pictures was a nice experience as well.

To share the results of your work, you can save them in the most popular picture formats. Besides, the images can be directly uploaded to such cloud services as Flickr, Dropbox, Google Drive and social networks as Facebook.

In general, PhotoPad Image Editor is appropriate for photo editing jobs that require moderate sophistication. However, compared with other more sophisticated editors, this tool has the advantage of being much easier to use.

Pedro Castro
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  • Allows batch processing
  • You can edit various pictures at the same time
  • Is easy to use
  • Has nice interesting features
  • Has versions for other operating systems


  • It is not highly sophisticated
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